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Groups simultaneously contribute to our individual uniqueness while adding to the collective group identity and offer us an opportunity to experience our uniqueness within a group. In a group we gain from the collective experience of each member. We can build up a wider understanding of ourselves in relation to others and connect in many different ways.  

Raphael Lopez de Soto | Psychotherapist | Mens Therapy Group

Men's Therapy Group

Bringing men together to help and support each other to grow.  Men's psychological and emotional well-being has been largely neglected and men tackle issues in a different way to women and often like to move into action to problem solve. Psychodrama offers this opportunity and can help with the development of different roles within us, the themes that emerge are explored more fully through one or more individual psychodramas, or a whole group psychodrama. Group members will bring to life elements of the presenting themes or issues and take on the roles of each element, such as parts of self, feelings, places, significant people or objects. 

Monthly Adopters Group

A safe place to explore feelings and process the impact of therapeutic re-parenting.

​Adopters can often spend most of their time worrying about their children and can neglect themselves and/or their marital or civil relationship. Adopted children often come with unprocessed trauma and adaptive behaviours, which helped them in their birth families but this can be challenging in a new nurturing adoptive home. They bring the story of the birth family experience, which in itself can be traumatising for parents.  A therapy group can help with vicarious trauma as well as the daily difficulties of therapeutic re-parenting.

Raphael Lopez de Soto | Psychotherapist | Monthly Adopters Group
Raphael Lopez de Soto | Psychotherapist | Therapists Psychodrama Group

Counsellors & Therapists Psychodrama Therapy Group
An opportunity for personal & professional growth. Our personal growth does not stop when we finish mandatory counselling, therapy or analysis. Life continues and therapists have their own challenges. It can be hard to find a therapy group which caters for mental health professionals, counsellors, psychotherapists or psychologists. Internal conflicts can be evoked in client work and sometimes require more than supervision to work through. These conflicts can lead to blind spots in clinical work which may limit professional potential.

Fortnightly Supervision Group

​Supervision using creative mediums including Action Methods. Supervision is a crucial aspect of counselling, psychotherapy and analysis to examine the dynamics, themes and relationships in the consulting room. Group supervision offers a great opportunity to learn from peers and deepen understanding. Using a creative approach to supervision opens the possibility of working symbolically using image, metaphor and action methods to more fully understand the client and yourself. We will be tapping into active imagination within the client therapist dyad while making use of collective knowledge, experience with the active imagination of the group.

Raphael Lopez de Soto | Psychotherapist | Clinical Supervision Group
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